Where to find delicious Thai food in the Hudson Valley


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From pad thai to ped penang to red curry and durian, these local restaurants offer Thai cuisine all the way.

By Sabrina Sucato and Abby Audenino

It’s hard to go wrong with Thai food. In the kitchen, Thai dishes have a light and fresh flavor that is both comforting and elegant., but can be upped a notch if you are a fan of spice. Whether you’re gulping down a bowl of noodles, tasting crispy tofu, or savoring a rich duck curry, you can’t go wrong with tasty Thai food.

Right here are among the best places where you can find everything from pad thai to penang duck in the Hudson Valley. PS Are we missing a place? Email us at [email protected] so we can add it.

Aroi Thai

55 Market Street, Rhinebeck

With an extensive menu and a comfortable atmosphere, Aroi Thai is an ideal space for celebrations and group dinners. Get the red curry with shrimp or duck for your main meal. The kick of the dried red chili peppers balance well with the coconut milk and basil. For dessert, innovate with taro pearls and coconut cream, a cube of taro root served in a bath of sweet cream.

Bangkok cafe

119 Main Street, New Paltz

The fact that this New Paltz restaurant offers delivery is convenient – and just a little bit dangerous on your wallet. If you like duck, try the duck noodle soup for lunch or the panang vegetable curry with mixed vegetables, coconut cream and lemon leaves for dinner. This family-friendly place has milder fried rice options that are well suited for toddlers.

Citrus restaurant

1004 NY-94, New Windsor

Citrus Restaurant offers a mix of Indian cuisine and Thai cuisine. Offering a wide variety of entrees in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the restaurant allows diners to prepare a meal from a variety of entrees. Consider the Citrus Sham Savera, spinach and cheese balls served with a tomato-honey sauce, for a vegetarian option. For a spicier option, try the Bamee Pad Nam Prik Pow, soft noodles mixed with a spicy Thai chili paste roasted with your choice of meat and vegetables.


147, avenue Chatsworth, Larchmont

While durian, the fruit, might not be the most appetizing thing in the world, Durian, the restaurant, is delicious. With a price slightly higher than those of the other restaurants on this list, consider this place for a fancy dinner or an “aperitif party” with friends. With entrees like chicken satay, pork belly bao, and party dumplings, you can skip the main course and go straight to dessert. The purple rice pudding is light and creamy, while the coconut sorbet, the restaurant’s signature treat, strikes the perfect balance between fresh and sweet.

Thai golden buddha

985 Main Street, Fishkill

Fishkill Thai Restaurant has all the basics like pad thai, pad see-ew, and pad gra pow. Ignore them, however, and try one of the more creative offerings on the menu. The ‘Garlic Lover’ might not be an acceptable choice for a date, but the combination of sautéed garlic, oyster sauce and veggies will have you floating on your own personal cloud.

Isaan Thai Star

11 N 7th St, Hudson

Isaan Thai Star is sure to become Hudson’s newest hotspot. With a wide variety of classics, from Pad Thai to Duck Noodle Soup, you can never go wrong choosing from Isaan Thai’s variety of daily specials. Isaan Thai also offers delivery in Hudson Town, Greenport and parts of Claverack.

Kanda House

304 Main Street, Cornwall

When you crave comforting Thai food in a hurry, Kanda House has got you covered. Place two orders for the steamed meatballs. They are so good that you will want a “back-up” for later. For a starter, you can’t go wrong with the pad thai. If you manage to make room for dessert after all this, treat yourself to the fried banana, served with vanilla ice cream or mango sticky rice. It is heaven on a plate.

Thai Kwan

22 East Central Ave, Pearl River

Kwan Thai is one of those places where you can order a bunch of appetizers and skip the main course completely. The fried wontons, topped with seasoned ground pork and served with plum sauce, are addicting enough to warrant a second order. Add to that a serving of chicken cabbage and tao hoo tod, or fried tofu with a sweet chili sauce and peanuts, and you will be a happy camper.

Red lotus

227 Main Street, New Rochelle

See you in this New Rochelle space for the classics. The pad thai warms your soul without weighing you down, while the tom yum soup provides just enough oomph to balance the light broth. It is an ideal destination for a surprise dinner on weekdays.


516 Main Street, beacon

For anyone who has never experienced the wonders of Thai cuisine, Sukhothai is a great place to start. Order a classic dish, like chicken pad thai, or opt for a vegetarian tofu, with crispy tofu and a mix of vegetables, for a lunch or dinner that is sure to please. Don’t want to leave the house? Order delicacies for delivery through GrubHub and DoorDash.

Thai garden

303 Route 303, Orangebourg

This Rockland restaurant is loved across the county and beyond for its authentic food and first-rate service. If heat isn’t a problem, try the chi mao pad or the drunken noodles. The thin rice noodles pair perfectly with the savory basil and spicy chili sauce. The restaurant now offers take-out and free delivery within a five-mile radius, with a minimum of $ 20.

Thai house

12 Park Street, Nyack

This Nyack hotspot is a mainstay of Thai cuisine, and for good reason. The savory menu offers traditional dishes that appeal to newcomers as well as aficionados. Order the curried puffs, filled with delicious chicken and potatoes, as an appetizer before moving on to ped penang, a spicy roast duck dish, for the main course. Pay attention to whether a dish is marked “hot” or not. Thai cuisines take spices seriously.


138 South Avenue, Poughkeepsie

Once a food truck in Fishkill, Thailicious moved to a brick and mortar store near the Vassar Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie. If and when you go, dive into fan favorite Pad Thai or opt for the daily special menu. Noodles are a dream, just like the light shrimp rolls and balls.

Thai spice

28, avenue Raymond, Poughkeepsie

If you want the most bang for your buck, Thai Spice is the place. Forget the entries and go straight to the entries. The portions are enough for two meals, if not more, so don’t hesitate to ask for a take-out container when your stomach stops. For a show that will wow the table, order the Pineapple Fried Rice, a savory mix of chicken, shrimp, eggs, vegetables and rice served in a pineapple.

Warwick Thai

93 Main Street, Warwick

This chic restaurant is one of Warwick’s best-kept secrets. One glance at the menu and you’ll want to order everything. Instead, start light with steamed Thai dumplings stuffed with chicken, pork, and water chestnuts, before venturing into dinner territory. Drunk noodles are a must for the main meal and can easily be spiced up if desired. Savor Thai coconut pudding for dessert while finishing an unforgettable meal.

Yum yum noodle bar

275 Fair Street, Kingston
7496 S Broadway, Red Hook
4 Rock City Road, Woodstock

While this local family-owned chain isn’t strictly Thai, it does serve up an average plate of Pad Thai. Anyone with any allergies or dietary restrictions will love Yum Yum, where personalized meals are the name of the game. Gluten-free and vegan options are available on request, as are tasty toppings like seitan, braised pork, brisket. pork and salmon.

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