This new delivery-based kitchen serves traditional Thai food packed with a punch


Home delivery has never been more exciting than it is today, thanks to the exciting and varied options available in recent years. Another new offering is adding to the appetite of foodies in the Delhi-NCR – Boraan Thai region, delivery-based cuisine that prides itself on wowing customers with sumptuous Thai dishes bursting with nostalgic flavors. When it comes to Thai cuisine, it’s the robust spices and their aroma that draw us all into the kitchen, making them a hot favorite. And that’s what founders Scotchie Kandhari and Prakairat Ahuja attempt to offer through their menu – a selection of traditional specialties with a few modern tweaks, using ambrosial spices and homemade ingredients.

One glance at the menu and you can instantly spot classics like Tom Yum, Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Krapow, Panang Curry, and more. There is a good mix of grilled meats, stir-fries, soups, salads, curries, noodles and rice. We decided to pick from the all-time favorites as well as some interesting dishes from their What’s New section.

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Our order arrived in a basket decorated with orchids

For aperitifs

For a cool afternoon, the Tom Yum turned out to be the perfect start to the meal. The bowl of spicy soup had a must-have lemongrass note which we loved. However, we would have preferred a filtered soup without any leftover ingredients for a hassle-free experience, especially for a mid-work treat. Next was the Chicken Satay, which was deliciously tender and loaded with a blend of spices that got an extra boost with the chili cucumber relish and house peanut sauce on the side.

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Siam Massaman lamb chops and chicken satay


Sala Bao with mushrooms

Sweet and mellow baos are always a treat to devour. The Mushroom Sala Bao didn’t disappoint either as they were beautiful and plump, and stuffed with flaming sliced ​​mushrooms. A must try for those with a high tolerance to spices. Another appetizer we ordered was a variation of the massaman curry and it was the lamb chops from Siam Massaman. The use of freshly homemade spice paste was evident as the flavors were distinctive and it had seeped into the meat so well that it was finger-licking good.

The main course

Another dish that caught our eye in the novelties section was the banana bar and we were glad we ordered it. Marinated with Thai red curry paste and steamed just right, the fish got great flavor and also for the fact that it was a meal in itself with the aromatic jasmine rice.


Banana coated sea bass

No Thai meal is complete without a traditional curry and we opted for the Panang Shrimp Curry which came with full size shrimp in a spicy nut base that was made creamier with coconut milk.

Saving the classics for last, we ended our meal with Pad Thai and Chicken Krapow. The traditional noodle dish had it all – sweet, salty, tangy, spicy and crunchy with sprouts, veggies, and peanuts. The Krapow, which is minced chicken mixed with soy sauce, fish sauce, Thai basil, and chili peppers to name a few ingredients, paired perfectly with the noodles and ended our lunch on a delicious note. .


Chicken Krapow and Panang Curry Shrimps


Pad Thai

Meal for two: 2,500 INR; Boraan Thai is available on Dotpe to place your orders.

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