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In tonight’s Dirty Dining, Darcy Spears gets answers to an oft-asked question: why do inspectors seem to downgrade Asian restaurants more than any other?

Here’s how an expert is working with a local business to help change that.

When things got tough at Thai House restaurant, “I called him right away to come and help me. I need help,” said owner Tiffany Tyner, explaining why she did. appealed to food safety consultant Tim Moulson after suddenly finding herself alone.

“Her husband basically ran the operation and then suddenly passed away and it kind of delayed her trying to hang on to the restaurant and mind her personal affairs,” Moulson said.

Thai House experienced its worst inspection in 15 years on Oct. 1 when the health district closed the Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch restaurant with 47 demerit points.

It reopened on October 5 with a 3 demerit rating after Tiffany hired Moulson. In addition to running his food safety consulting business, he is also chairman of the Nevada Food Safety Task Force and sits on the board of directors of the Nevada Restaurant Association.

His mission at Thai House? Teach and train staff in their own language.

“It’s not that people don’t speak English. They don’t understand very well, so we have to go really slow and repetitively in the way we train them and teach them how to do things.”

In this and many other cases he has dealt with, Tim is working to bridge a cultural divide in sanitation.

“I spent 16 years teaching in Asia and I’ll tell you, I’ve seen it all.” He says he tells his interns, “Our standards are to protect everyone – not just the people in your country who may have developed some immunity to that particular strain of bacteria or whatever. the message I’m trying to get across to them. “

Inspectors found Thai House was storing open flour, sugar and cornstarch in an outdoor trailer in the back.

There was an excessive amount of grease on the ventilation hoods, utensils used in lukewarm standing water, and employee keys stored in customers’ chili sauce containers.

“Most of the things that were on the report were corrected on the spot when they reported it,” Moulson said.

Things like a food handler who doesn’t clean a prep table after preparing raw beef, shrimp thawed in standing water, and no detectable disinfectants in buckets or the dishwasher.

Then there are the solitary roach inspectors seen through the hand sink.

“You could fit in a box of goods,” Moulson theorized, or, “A lot of times after treatment sick cockroaches come out to die and that’s when you end up seeing them in the restaurant. I have studied cockroaches for five years. “

Inspectors also found stale beef, chicken, sticky rice and tomatoes, which Tiffany blamed on her staff for not changing the labels. She said the labels were out of date, the food was not.

But some foods were compromised, like cut lettuce and cabbage kept at room temperature and shrimp and egg rolls discovered in the freezer.

There were also several dirty utensils stored as clean.

Health inspectors told Thai House they should see “a deep and substantial improvement”.

“We fixed it. We fixed it. And we will continue to do good,” Tiffany promised.

Thai House was one of the seven health district closures.

The Sekushi Japanese Grill inside the Paris hotel’s casino on the Strip was closed on October 1 due to a failed re-inspection and multigenerational cockroaches.

Inspectors saw cockroaches in the rear prep area on floors, walls, near drains and on ceilings.

They also saw what attracted cockroaches – excessive dirt and food debris under the prep sink and under refrigerators and freezers.

There was also dirt and food debris on the base walls and moldings and the utensils used were stored in dirty, cloudy, melted ice water.

The head of the company said he fired the head of the facility – who was in charge – after the health inspection failed.

He said they had previously complained to the hotel about cockroaches and now had a new pest control program and a new business.

The sushi bar was not affected. The grill got its A rating on October 4 and the company boss promised it wouldn’t happen again, pointing out that they are reforming all cooks and employees.

The El Buen Taco truck was closed on October 3 near a construction site in Hualapai and Mesa Park Drive for lack of adequate refrigeration, but it also earned the name “cockroach coach” after inspectors saw a cockroach crawling in a food storage bin.

The same No.1 truck was closed in March at another construction site.

Inspectors saw a food handler use his bare hands on ready-to-eat tortillas and found several foods in the dangerous temperature zone, including deli ham, grated cheese and baked beans and the half-eaten sandwich. of an employee sat on a cutting board next to customers’ food.

The operator was required to take response training due to a history of non-compliance inspection. We were unable to reach anyone for comment. It reopened on October 17 with zero demerits.

A water pipe rupture caused three imminent health-risk closures at the Fashion Show shopping mall: Cartel Takos, India Masala and Subway were all shut down on October 3 for operating without water. All reopened the next day with A grades. Subway got no demerits, Cartel Takos got 3 demerits and India Masala got 8 demerits. We left messages for comments in all the restaurants but did not receive a response.

And another subway – on East Charleston near Nellis – was closed on October 1 for lack of hot water. The inspectors noted that Subway did not regularly check the temperature of the hot water and continued to serve the public in the event of an imminent health hazard. It reopened the next day with an A zero demerit rating. We have left messages for the franchise owner but have not heard back.

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