Thai House 530, We Be Sushi damaged by fire


The buildings affected, before the fire. [Photo: Google Street View]

Fires seem to be an unfortunate recurring theme in SF restaurant news lately, and the latest places to be damaged by fire are the Valencia duo of Thai House 530 and We are sushi, which caught fire on Sunday morning. The two-alarm fire appears to have caused serious damage to Thai House in particular, Jeff, the reader of Uptown Almanac, noting that “Thai House [is] not good. My boyfriend there just picked me up and saw all the damage. They are going to be closed for months, if not forever, because of water damage. Looks like the fire department has confined him to those two buildings. ”

Ariel Dovas from Mission Mission spoke to We Be Sushi and noted that “they had water damage and smelled like smoke, but not much more.” There is still no report on the cause of the fire, which started in the building 538 Valencia, nor on the reopening of the two restaurants; we will update as we learn more. The Valencia fire is the fourth major fire at a Bay Area restaurant this month, after fires nearby Baobab of Bissap, Forbes Island, and Oakland Merritt Restaurant & Bakery.

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Thai House 530

530 Valencia St., San Francisco, California

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