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Whenever I spot a “restaurant coming soon” sign, I get excited to add another solid dining option to my culinary dance card. This was the case a few months ago when Thai House Cuisine quietly announced that it would be moving to the former vegetarian paradise, Lotus Heart Blossom. As this awe-inspiring property is set back slightly from Sydenham Street, it doesn’t enjoy the same level of visibility or foot traffic as others that occupy prime positions along Princess Street. Does the 50 meter detour north on Sydenham make a big difference? I would say it does, and therefore the longevity and success of Thai House Cuisine will depend heavily on their reputation, loyalty, etc.
Thai home cookingWhen it comes to local Thai restaurants, Thai House Cuisine has beaten the competition hands down when it comes to atmosphere and ambiance. While it may not be traditional or what diners expect, the interior features beautiful hardwood floors, large windows to the outside world, modern tables, comfortable seating, and special cutlery. with sparkling wine glasses and creatively folded napkins. Combined, these elements present a clean, uncluttered and inviting backdrop that pleases the eye and welcomes hungry diners inside. I could easily see myself ending up here on a very special occasion to enjoy a fine dining experience.

I always make an effort to research new foreign brands of beer and so on when dining in a Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, or Indian restaurant. Thai House Cuisine offered a nice import of Singha (pronounced sing-ah) (PRICE), a crisp and refreshing beer, which I have since discovered on the shelves of our local LCBO. Rather than enjoying them straight from the bottle, our waitress insisted that we sip our Singhas from large glassware, pictured above / right. Of course, if beer isn’t your thing, Thai House Cuisine has a good wine list.
Thai home cookingWe started our meal with the quintessential Thai appetizer, vegetarian spring rolls ($ 4.99), three fried and crispy rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrot, black mushroom, and glass noodles. As you can see (above left), the dish was adorned with tasteful toppings and a traditional sweet and sour sauce. The buns themselves were bursting with crunchy vegetables and a mouthwatering flavor, fried to perfection without being saturated with oil. Easily a mini-meal on its own for those looking for a quick bite to eat. The second was the Chicken Satay ($ 7.99), which consisted of four giant skewers of marinated chicken, grilled and served with a cucumber salad. The presentation was still top notch, while the taste and portions reinforced our decision to try this new establishment. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about their fresh and spicy peanut sauce, which deliciously balances heat with the creaminess of peanuts. Thai House Cuisine’s menu includes other mouthwatering entrees such as: Shrimp Chips and Fried Tofu, a selection of meal-sized soups: Sweet and Sour, Lemongrass Vegetables, Coconut Chicken and various salads: mango, thai, duck and the list goes on.
On the main course, where my table mate ordered his favorite dish, Pad Thai ($ 11.99), sautéed rice noodles with tiger prawns, sliced ​​chicken, tofu and eggs served with ground peanuts and bean sprouts. Similar to the items we have enjoyed before, the presentation is quite appetizing and the portions generous considering the price. Having said that, she found the dish a little sweet. A self-proclaimed noob when it comes to Thai food, she was curious if this was a regional feature as she had experienced this kind of sweetness before. In the long run, she felt that next time she would go for a curry dish with a little spice. If you like sweet, this dish is satisfying and generous with the amount of chicken, tofu, and shrimp.
Thai home cookingLast, but not least, was my Green Chicken Curry ($ 11.99). Of course, I asked the kitchen to prepare this extremely hot dish, which the menu suggests “may make you cry”. Served on a light and fluffy bed of white rice, also including bamboo shoots, basil leaves, and a garnish of grated carrots and red peppers. I was certainly happy with the amount of heat evoked by this dish, but I was not so impressed with the overall taste. You would normally expect a flood of curry, coconut and sweaty spices, but the overwhelming taste of my dish was the salt. So much so that I thought about sending it back. While the kitchen may have mistakenly translated this pinch into a big splash of salt, it certainly wasn’t the best way to end our meal.

With four other locations in Ontario (Toronto, Milton, and Belleville), it’s absolutely evident that the minds behind Thai House Cuisine have a well-honed, crowd-pleasing formal that presents strong competition to local establishments. Although we were not completely happy with the main course, other aspects of our meal and the experience were undeniably positive. I would definitely give Thai House Cuisine a chance to redeem themselves, and in fact, I look forward to it. I just hope my first, less than perfect experience was just a hit on an otherwise impressive Thai dining establishment.

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