Thai food chain Camile in Kildare launches new sustainability initiative


Camile Thai Kitchen, announced yesterday that they will display the carbon footprint of each dish, on its menus and website. This channel initiative is the first time in Europe that such information has been made easily accessible to customers and the general public.

The health-focused Thai chain has two locations in Kildare at Naas and Newbridge and a smaller takeaway version known as Petite Camile which is in Circle K on the M9 near Kilcullen.

As part of the initiative, Camile is making information on how to calculate the carbon footprint available to other restaurants to help them solve this problem.

The carbon footprint of a dish is multifaceted, from water consumption to storage and transportation. In order
To create a clear and concise way to communicate these values ​​to customers, Camile worked with a leading accessible supplier of food carbon labels, “My Emissions”. Taking into account all the contributing elements, Camile Thai Founder and CEO Brody Sweeny and newly appointed Managing Director Daniel Greene lunching the initiative at Camile Thai Point Square Dublin

Emissions have developed an AE rating scale based on carbon intensity (‘A’ denoting low impact and E very high).

Speaking at the launch was new MD Camile Thai Ireland Daniel Greene, who in 2015 was instrumental at Camile Thai in developing and adding nutritional information to Camile’s menus.

“When it comes to reducing our impact on the environment, small changes can have a huge impact. By
simply replacing beef (E-rated) with tofu (A-rated) in our green curry saves more emissions than just
train journey from London to Paris. We are all much more aware of the importance of making positive changes
and are excited to be able to give our customers easy access to information that can help them,” said Mr. Greene.

From compostable packaging to providing nutritional information for each dish, Camile was the first to provide information to customers and many of their initiatives have been widely adopted in the industry. Founder & CEO Brody Sweeney welcomes the continuation of this trend: “Introducing the addition of carbon ratings to our menu will help encourage change at an individual level, but it would also be great to see more restaurants across Ireland provide this information. We may be the first, but hopefully we won’t be the last.”


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