Richmond driver savagely crashed into Thai House restaurant


Collisions are quite common in Richmond. In fact, the RCMP counted 22 in 24 hours during the February snowfall.

And, while some incidents occur frequently, some accidents are a little more noticeable.

A recent accident at the Thai House Restaurant is certainly rarer. An image shows how the driver entered the establishment completely; the windows in the front were completely shattered by the impact.

The exact details of the incident are unknown, but the vehicle is a Porsche.

Photo: Valerieann Foley

Richmond driver crashes into restaurant

In an attempt to combat collisions, the BC government has imposed higher fines for distracted driving. Specifically, a driver caught twice in a three-year period will receive up to $ 2,000 in fines plus points.

This is not the first time that a driver has acted erratically in Richmond. Indeed, there were other engines which pushed in the windows. Additionally, Richmond Center, among many other areas of the Lower Mainland, is increasingly recognized for its frustrating parking experiences.

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