New Thai takeaway in Cornwall opens in Helston: Swage


There’s good news for Thai food lovers in Helston, as a new take-out kitchen is launching this week.

Swage Thai Food will launch its new takeout service this Thursday, July 7 and for its launch there will be 30% off pre-orders before Wednesday.

Swage’s owner is David Barrett, along with his business partner and chef Athikom Jeerapairotekun, who will serve authentic Thai dishes from Cades Park, Helston.

Each week will see a choice of two courses to start, with a maximum of 20 servings available per night – Thursday to Saturday – to maintain the authentic, homemade quality.

For opening week, the menu will be Phaad Thai fried noodles with chicken for £10 and Thai green curry chicken with rice (not fried) for £11.

Takeout Chef Swage AJ

Dishes in the following weeks will include Salmon and Ginger Stir Fry with Rice, Pork Fried Rice, Red Mullet Fried Rice Krapao and Phaad Thai Noodles with Shrimp and Thai Green Curry Beef with Rice.

The menu for each week is available on the company’s Facebook page,

Born in Thailand, AJ returned to his country earlier this year to find the best ingredients for his dishes, as he wants to share his passion with the people of Helston and the surrounding area.

The name Swage is an ancient dialect meaning “to be relaxed and enjoy after a big meal”, which David said was an apt way to describe their business.

Swage Take Away Thai Omelet with Crab and Caviar

Swage Take Away Thai Omelet with Crab and Caviar

David and AJ have already received many pre-orders for Thursday’s opening night and are hoping the take-out service will be a success.

Although this is Swage’s opening week, the company is currently scheduled to move to a downtown commercial property.

For the sake of authenticity, AJ and David are currently supported by local farmers who grow Thai holy basil seeds in polytunnels on their farm. So far about six inches has grown, which AJ will use in some of his dishes.

Falmouth Packet: Chicken Paad Thai is on the menu this weekChicken Paad Thai is on the menu this week

Orders can be placed between 2pm and 9pm daily, by phone or email – see the Facebook page for details.
Customers will then receive an order number to confirm the order, which will confirm the date, order and pick-up time, which will be in 15-minute time slots from 4:30 p.m. until 9 p.m., when the kitchen will close .

Swage Take Away Mussels Kaprao Stiry Fry

Swage Take Away Mussels sautéed ka prao


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