New Sugar Land Restaurant offers a unique blend of Thai food, breakfast and espresso drinks



Named after a rapid transit terminal in Bangkok, Silom Station is a new restaurant offering dishes and drinks unique to Sugar Land. Operated by the Thai Cottage group, it offers freshly made espresso drinks from Sit N Sip Coffee Brewer and food from Dunch Thai Eatery. Located at 222 Highway 6 in The Crossing at Telfair Shopping Center, this integrated coffee shop is casual and modern. Comfortable chairs for lounging fill the center of the space, while tables better suited for enjoying a Thai street food – inspired by Bangkok’s Silom district – line the outer edges of the room.

Order at the Dunch Thai Eatery counter in Silom Station and your selections will be brought to your table. Photo by Sandra Crittenden.

Customers can start their days with freshly ground coffee and pastries from Sit N Sip and Thai breakfast products from Dunch, such as Siamese Fried Egg with chicken, sweet chicken sausages, chicken bologna and green onions. The other two breakfast choices are grilled pork skewers and Massaman Curry and Croissant, which are available from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. More breakfast items will be added soon.

Dinner and lunch menus are available throughout the day, hence the name, Dunch. It offers a range of soups, salads, noodle dishes and combination platters, which are billed as a “Dunch Set” and come with a starter, dessert and choice of protein – chicken, pork, beef, shrimp. or fried tofu.

The Chive Crêpe from the aperitif menu of the Dunch at Silom Station. Photo by Sandra Crittenden.

On a recent lunchtime visit with my daughter, we started with the pan-fried chive pancake, which is served with a spicy black soy sauce. It had a crispy exterior with a soft, flavorful, garlic-scented interior. For the starters, I chose the Chili Basil with prawns from the Dunch Set menu and ordered the Massaman Beef Curry. Both were served with steamed rice, a small house salad with two fried shrimp for starter and a small cup of fruit for dessert. My Chili Basil Shrimp was the perfect size for one person and its large serving of green beans and peppers was very healthy. My daughter’s curry dish was delicious, although more filling with enough large chunks of meat that she brought home for lunch the next day.

Dunch Set Beef Massaman Curry and Chili Basil Shrimps at Silom Station. Photo by Sandra Crittenden.

My next visit was at dinner time with my husband. We started with and Golden Wontons and an order from full chicken, that came with a peanut sauce. Filled with a thin layer of ground and marinated chicken, then deep-fried, the wontons were a crunchy delight, served with a sweet and sour sauce. However, the satay chicken seemed unevenly cooked and we wouldn’t order it again. I have my eye on the Curry puff and the Fried fish ball to try on my next visit.

For his main course, my husband ordered the pad see ew from the Dunch Set menu, which is his favorite dish in Thai restaurants. He was happy with this interpretation. As I was eating lighter that night, I opted for a house salad and a bowl of Tom yum soup with prawns. The salad was a generous portion for $ 6 and contained a mix of lettuce, avocado, cucumber, onions, corn and tomatoes with a choice of three dressings: honey lemon, Thai vinaigrette, or peanut. I opted for the peanut. The tom yum was peppery and tangy, with a spicy lime broth, lemongrass, cilantro and mushrooms.

Coffee is brewed at 7 a.m. at Sip N Sip in Silom Station. Photo by Sandra Crittenden.

With the unique Thai breakfast offerings and cool espresso drinks, Silom Station will be a welcome addition for those looking for early morning food. The many healthy options, along with the tasty snacks, should appeal to both lunch crowds and families looking for an early dinner.

Silom Station has a laid back, relaxed atmosphere that invites you to go out, but it’s also easy to order take out food by calling (281) 340-0707 or ordering online. All dishes are served on heavy paper plates or bowls. Beverages other than coffee include a mixture of bottled carbonated drinks, tea, and water. The Silom station is open Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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