JOOX creates special activities to boost Thailand’s music industry during pandemic


Music professionals are among the groups whose jobs and ability to earn money have been most affected by the protracted Covid-19 situation. That’s why JOOX, Thailand’s number one music community app, continues to support the music community with a range of experiences to keep the industry on track.

Through various campaigns, such as JOOX ??from home, JOOX #SAVE??, the I Love Your Voice Singing Contest and Open Pub Thip Every Friday night, JOOX aims to support music professionals by giving them a chance to generate income and perform live online concerts, in front of their fans. JOOX believes these activities will help to create happiness, relieve stress and drive away loneliness for all Thai viewers.

Mr. Krittee Manoleehagul, Managing Director of Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited and Executive Director of JOOX Thailand, revealed: “People in the music industry are considered to be among the professional groups most directly affected by the epidemic of COVID-19. When measures to refrain from holding concerts and closing pubs, bars and restaurants at night were announced, musicians could neither work nor earn money. Additionally, as the pandemic progressed, music professionals lost their income, happiness, and overall morale because they couldn’t sing, dance, or play the music they love. As Thailand’s leading music platform, JOOX continues to organize activities to support music professionals in all fields, from artists, indie singers, DJs and record labels, to team members at events. musical events. We recognize each as an important cog in driving the Thai music industry. At the same time, we believe that the sound of music and the joy that these activities bring will help to create happiness and bring smiles back to our users and all Thais.

JOOX activities include:

JOOX ?? of the House #… อย่า ลืม ฟัง เพลง, is a collaborative campaign with various artists and record labels across the country, such as GMM GRAMMY, HolyFox Records, LOVEiS Entertainment, MUZIK MOVE, RS Music, SERNG MUSIC, Smallroom, SPICYDISC, TERO MUSIC, Thaitanium Entertainment, Universal Music, Warner Music, What the Duck, Workpoint Entertainment, YUPP and many more independent artists. Music fans are encouraged to indulge in re-listening to songs from their favorite artists through the JOOX app, with many hits compiled in 170 playlists from 170 beloved bands and artists; such as Potato, Num Kala, Tilly Birds, Lam Ploen Wongsakorn, Belle Nipada, The Parkinson, 4EVE, Thaitanium, Twopee, Dome Pakornlum, Baitoey R Siam, Kratae R Siam, First Anuwat, Kwang Jiraphan, San Sansin, Tattoo Color, Gras Cafe, Rose Sirinthip, Machine à sous, Earth Pattawee, ETC., Indigo, Season Five, SERIOUS BACON, Gerb Nattapong, HENS, SLAPKISS, Summer Breeze, Zweed n ‘Roll, My Life As Ali Thomas, V Violet and many more others.

Additionally, JOOX distributes JOOX VIP packages to artists to distribute to their fans so that they can listen at home. In addition to helping everyone feel relaxed and happy, the JOOX Listen from Home campaign creates income for artists with every broadcast. These earnings are increased when users listen through the VIP JOOX package.

JOOX # SAVE??: Let Music Help Musicians is an online music festival to support music professionals. In partnership with the Thailand Nightlife and Entertainment Business Association (NEBA), the campaign invited 85 groups of music and entertainment professionals to jointly create a live online concert on JOOX ROOMS for fans to enjoy for free. The festival also included colorful surprises from over 22 famous artists and band members, such as Tattoo Color, Noom Kala, Tilly Birds, Earth Pattaravee, Bogie Lions and Season Five.??: The Let Music Help Musicians music festival drew more than 120,000 fans over seven full days from August 16-22, 2021 on JOOX ROOMS.

I Love Your Voice was the first online competition organized through JOOX ROOMS, under a concept of ‘Gypsy Tarot Cards’. Independent artists had the opportunity to show off their talents and a chance to win cash prizes of over 25,000 baht. Winners can also promote their singles on JOOX. The winner of the I Love Your Voice Signing Contest was “Nuasai Pradujporn” – a member of the “LOVER” team of Coach Lukwa Pijika and Coach A-ngoon.

Open Pub Thip Every Friday Night @JOOX ROOMS highlights JOOX’s status as a music community app and, with famous entertainment venues such as The Cassette Music Bar, OVERSEOUL BKK and Tha Chang Chiang Mai, the live virtual pub brings together famous DJs and bands for SALLES JOOX every Friday evening from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Pub Thip offers complete entertainment for every generation and the Gang are ready to provide entertainment for a well-deserved Friday night of non-stop fun, ranging from a mix of 90s songs, a nostalgic party with famous RS numbers, Heart – Warming up K Pop favorites for lovers of all things Korean.

In addition, JOOX features a parade of celebrities, singers, internet idols and many other interesting entertainment personalities. Log in to make your happiness every week and follow the activity calendar on

“JOOX is excited to use our platform as a vehicle for artists and fans across the country to have fun together. We believe that these creative pursuits will be another source of support for talented music professionals to maintain their income and create encouragement and a strong will to overcome this situation. We also hope that the music will create fun and happiness for everyone during this difficult time. JOOX will continue to create events like these and will use the strength of our platform to help support artists and those in the music industry ”, Mr. Krittee concluded.


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