Jitlada serves authentic Southern Thai cuisine lovingly prepared in Thai town


“The maximum number of people came here because of the documentary,” Jazz said. “I was packed for a month, no seats at all. Every (was) table (filled) with food. And the second that brought the same was (the) Netflix show. (In) 2019, it had to wait two hours to enter. “

Jazz likes to share her food and treat her customers like family, because it reflects the values ​​in which she was raised.

In Thai culture in particular, she said that religion teaches you the importance of karma: intentional actions have future consequences; good deeds produce positive experiences, bad deeds produce negative experiences. When she was a child, her father would take the older children to the market with him and cook them for the younger ones, teaching the importance of sharing and helping others. According to a May 2018 article on lataco.com, Tui and Jazz were respectively the oldest and third oldest among their siblings, so they learned these values ​​early on.

On a related note, as Los Angeles and cities across the United States face an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes, Jazz returns to karma when discussing how to tackle these crimes and how to better support the community. Asian American and Pacific Islander.

“You hurt someone, someone is going to come back and hurt you,” Jazz said. “You give to someone, someone else is going to come back and give to you. Try to give love, to give care, to lend a hand, because it’s a small world.”

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