Indulge yourself in Chan & Yupa’s vintage Thai house transformed into a tea room


COCONUT HOT SPOT – We all need a break from modern life and fast food sometimes. And this break is offered by the “Chan & Yupa Tea Room” which offers diners a pleasant and family atmosphere with tea and food.

First built for the owner’s grandparents (the eponymous Chan and Yupa) around 1954, what was once a residence has been renovated and transformed into a place for people to relax, visit the gardens, have tea and / or lunch, and just enjoy an informal chat in the afternoon.

The menu offers a surprising array of items, from tea sets and Western specialties to fusion cuisine, basic local dishes and children’s meals. While those looking for more Thai food might be disappointed, the general menu works quite well for a place that is more focused on tea and quiet than a large restaurant.

Nonetheless, don’t expect to dine here too regularly, unless you have the cash to spend. While not as expensive as some of the hippest places in Bangkok, the prices match the type of meal you might find in department store restaurants (although I would say the quality of the food here compares favorably, at least).

The tea room itself has a rather cozy vibe that feels dignified without appearing pretentious. It was actually quite intimate (again, given the history of the place, that makes sense). Beyond the main room is an indoor veranda, where diners sit for their meals. Just outside is a garden. The layout of the building has a British feel.

The hot chocolate (140 THB) is not only pleasing to the eye, but actually sweet without being too sweet or just plain bitter (now that last part may not sound like much, but from my personal experience eating at Bangkok, when hot chocolate is available it is either bitter or sickeningly sweet, with little in between). This is arguably one of the best hot chocolates I have had in the city, if not in Thailand.

The traditional afternoon tea set for one (420 THB) includes condiments to apply to scones and other desserts, including homemade jam, which is mostly fruit with just a little gelatin. The flavor of the jam can best be described as more tart than sweet, although that’s not a bad thing. The hot curd cream scones, as well as the various assorted desserts, are quite solid in their makeup, nothing special, but safe to eat.

The smoked salmon arugula salad (270 THB) is definitely something you can recommend to friends who generally don’t like salads and haven’t skimped on salmon, although the overall amount of food is rather weak. The dressing is slightly acidic, but not unpleasantly, while the salted salmon provides a nice contrast to the rest of the dish.

Grandpa’s Favorite (Beef) Burger (260 THB), a burger with a side of potato wedges, can boil down to something akin to the burger with fries you are trying to make yourself- even at home. The potato wedges were good, fresh and a good size. They are also available as an accompaniment (70 THB). When it comes to the burger, the meat used is of good quality, with a feel that tells you it’s the starting point for what you want your patties to look like, which is always appreciated when eating burgers. or something similar in another location. than a fast food.

Overall, if you are looking for a relatively relaxing place to sip tea or have a pleasant conversation without constant interruptions, the Chan & Yupa tea room is not a bad choice. While the prices aren’t too easy on the wallet and the food itself is just good rather than spectacular, I would say those of you who want to find somewhere other than Starbucks or all the other cafes / lounges in traditional tea should find Chan & Yupa a pretty cool treat.


Chan & Yupa tea room

Tuesday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sukhumvit Self 10

BTS Asoke

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