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The most popular Thai food in Houston

If you are craving something deliciously spicy, Thai cuisine is sure to please. If you’re craving red, green, or yellow curry over rice, there are plenty of places in Houston that serve up a remarkable bowl of everyone. You may be looking for pad thai, the stir-fried noodles that Thai cuisine is famous for. Or maybe you are looking for kao pad, also known as Thai fried rice. Another favorite in Thai cuisine is tom yum soup, a sweet and sour soup served with shrimp. We’ve put together a list of the best Thai restaurants in Houston for you to choose from so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Thai restaurants in Houston

1. Vieng Thai

courtesy of Vieng Thai

Vieng Thai is a great option for people looking for simple and familiar Thai dishes like pork larb, drunken noodles, pad thai, and all standard Thai curries at a reasonable price. The restaurant doesn’t have a lot of frills, so expect a relaxed and comfortable experience. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try the sar-tor pad, a dish made with shrimp and a legume known as “Thai stink bean” sautéed in a red pepper paste. Note: this restaurant is BYOB.
Or: 6929 Long Point Road, Houston, Texas 77055

2. Thai street food market

houston thai food

courtesy Street Food Thai Market

Street Food Thai Market lives up to its name in that it is half a market, half a restaurant. The flavors here always pack a punch and you can choose from a number of Thai and Lao menu items. You can’t get much more authentic than Street Food Thai Market. It’s a family-run, pop-up restaurant with a surprising amount of variety. You can get the standard options like pad thai and pad see ew, and you can also try regional specialties like kor moo yang or grilled Thai pork neck.
Or: 1010 W Cavalcade St Unit D, Houston, Texas 77009

3. Asia Market Thai Lao Food

courtesy of Asia Market Thai Lao Food

Asia Market Thai Lao Food is another hybrid market / restaurant. This restaurant is pretty laid back and laid back, but the food certainly isn’t. You have the option of “rabid volcano” for spices (and you should only choose it if you really mean it). Enjoy a Thai omelet, cashew pad or Tiger Cry (grilled steak with chili dip). Then, of course, you can always buy ingredients you liked from your meal at the market to try them out at home.
Or: 3620 N Main St, Houston, Texas 77009

4. Thai cuisine Kin Dee

courtesy of Kin Dee Thai Cuisine

Kin Dee Thai Cuisine is a Thai restaurant in Houston that focuses more on regional Thai cuisine. It’s a trendy restaurant that’s still fairly new to the Houston scene, and its menu shines a spotlight on the different regions of Thailand for a more authentic dining experience. The menu options include southern-style green curry served with rice noodles. Northern curries are spicier and southern curries are sweeter. You can also try pad thai cooked in an omelet, which is a common way of serving the dish in Thailand. Expect a bright, cheerful atmosphere and a less Americanized take on some of your favorite Thai dishes.
Or: 1533 N Shepherd Dr Suite 160, Houston, Texas 77008

5. Kanomwan

courtesy of Kanomwan

Kanomwan is a small, family-run restaurant known for its spicy curries more than anything else. Don’t expect a hip, up-to-date restaurant; this place has been around for a few decades and hasn’t changed much since it opened. But the food is tasty, especially the panang curry, coconut chicken soup, and fried snapper. Kanomwan has been closed for a while, but they reopen after Labor Day.
Or: 736 1/2 Telephone Rd, Houston, Texas 77023

6. Thai mango bistro

courtesy Mango Tree Thai Bistro

Mango Tree Thai Bistro is a downtown Houston cafe that gets busy during the weekday lunch rush. Popular choices include duck with basil, noodle soup by the glass, and fried rice with green curry. The service is fast and efficient, the portions are large and the prices are reasonable. It’s still a good idea to avoid rush hour if you’re pressed for time.
Or: 10130 Grant Rd # 224, Houston, Texas 77070

7. Thai gourmet

via Yelp

Thai Gourmet offers spicy levels of “hot” and “Thai hot”. Needless to say, they offer some of the spiciest Thai food in Houston. They also have a disclaimer on their menu that warns that since they give you a choice, you still have to pay if your food is too spicy, so choose wisely. Enjoy spicy chicken noodles, drunken noodles, duck with red curry, and crab fried rice. It can get very crowded and crowded so be prepared to wait during rush hour.
Or: 6324 Richmond Ave, Houston, Texas 77057

8. Thai Bistro

houston thai food

courtesy of Thai Bistro

Thai Bistro is another place with a designation for “Professional only Thai hot” that you really should only choose if you are up for a big heat. There is also a “Comfortable Medium Burn” which might be a better choice if your spice comfort level is lower. Enjoy staples like tom yum soup and panang curry, or try inferno basil chicken for a savory kick. You can always follow your meal with a sweet rice custard or green tea ice cream to refresh your taste buds. There are two locations, so you can find the one that is closest to you.
Or: 3241 Southwest Fwy, Houston, Texas 77027; 11660 Westheimer Rd # 115, Houston, Texas 77077

9. Thai pepper

courtesy of Thai Pepper Houston

Thai Pepper has been part of the Thai food scene in Houston for almost 40 years. It is a house which has been transformed into a family restaurant. Now it offers the best of the usual Thai options including pad thai, ginger chicken, and Massaman curry. As usual, you’re asked to choose your own level of spice here, and the choices range from “mild” to “suicidal,” so you can tell they want you to be careful with your decision.
Or: 2049 W Alabama St, Houston, Texas 77098

10. Thai cuisine Nidda

houston thai food

courtesy of Nidda Thai Cuisine

Nidda Thai Cuisine is an established Montrose favorite for a reason. They were renovated during the pandemic, but now they are open again for take-out and on-site dining. The menu offers simple Thai dishes including pad see ew, drunken noodles, panang curry, and Thai pepper steak. There are also quite a few vegetarian curries on the menu. Thai tea is also a favorite with customers.
Or: 1226 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77006

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