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“I am delighted to be able to propose this twinning challenge because I believe the WGC is a wonderful opportunity for women of all ages and backgrounds to experience empowerment by pooling their resources and wisdom. for the greater good, ”Witkowsky said. “I I want to do whatever I can to encourage women and non-binary people in our community to participate.

Giving circles are growing across the country, allowing donors who are individually less wealthy than traditional philanthropists to pool their funds for a common cause, according to Terri Goldich, chair of the board.

“This is a powerful, often hyper-local model that increases diversity in philanthropy,” she said.

From April 1 to May 28, women and non-binary people who are part of the Missoula community and have not been members of the WGC in the past 13 months can become members and have their contribution matched dollar for dollar while retaining matching funds. Although the WGC has members who donate at many different levels, memberships start at $ 120 per year, or a recurring donation of $ 10 per month. The WGC also offers a student membership fee of $ 60 per year, or a recurring giveaway of $ 5 per month, for community members enrolled in elementary or higher education programs. In a press release, the WGC said it “values ​​opportunity, equity and community and strives to implement these values ​​by continuing to explore ways to make membership affordable for people. from different horizons “. Those wishing to become WGC members can find out more and register at

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