Beauty of Chinese folk music brings Thai music lovers together – Xinhua


Pakkawat plays erhu with his friends from the group “Tianxian” in a classroom at Huachiew Chalermprakiet University in Bangkok, Thailand on March 10, 2019. Thai group “Tianxian”, literally meaning “heavenly ropes”, is made up of several Thai people crazy about Chinese musical instruments. Strangely enough, however, none of them can speak Chinese fluently. In Thai society where Western musical instruments dominate, a Chinese musical instrument group is nothing but a rare thing. Sanchai, one of the band members, is a music teacher at Huachiew Chalermprakiet University and fell in love with the Chinese zither several years ago while studying Thai folk music. He then learned to play the Chinese zither from a Chinese teacher for three years in Bangkok, and in doing so he got to know more people with common interests. At a small Chinese musical instrument store SW Chinese Music Center in Bangkok, Sanchai and his colleagues in the group often play Chinese music with great joy. Other members of the group include bamboo flute player Arthit who works as a photographer, an Erhu Pakkawat player who specializes in saxophone, and auto repairer Chalotorn who also enjoys collecting and repairing musical instruments. “The beauty of Chinese folk music attracts us so much because music is a common language,” Sanchai said. (Xinhua / Zhang Keren)

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