2021 Best Asian Restaurant: Tip’s Thai House



Thai Tip House

The husband and wife team, Teng Xayarath and Lilly Tippalak, first opened Tip’s Thai House on April 18, 2017, near 27th Avenue in Kennewick. They named him after Lilly. Since that opening day, the two, along with Teng’s brother, have developed a rabid following of Thai food fans.

Even the pandemic that started last year hasn’t stopped them from filling many take-out orders.

“We still do a lot of take out orders,” said Lilly, who left her 11-year job at Winco to help Teng achieve his dream of running his own restaurant.

Teng had worked in the kitchens of other Tri-Cities restaurants all the way to Hermiston before opening Tip’s.

“It’s great to be your own boss,” Lilly said.

Teng and his staff make sure everything tastes okay, meeting their own standards, before customers taste it.

“Teng knows about food,” Lilly said. “We care about everything we do. All the little details, we make sure everything is fine. Our employees care about our place.

Open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday, Tip’s Thai House is a small restaurant – they have five waiters and three kitchen staff.

1. Tip’s Thai house

2909 S. Quillan Street, # 182, Kennewick



2. Double Dragon

3107 West Clearwater Ave., Kennewick


3. Shang Hai Restaurant

3013 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick


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