PowerCost Monitor – BLI 31000 – Wi-Fi Bridge

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PowerCost Monitor – BLI 31000 – Wi-Fi Bridge Description

The PowerCost Monitor Wi-Fi Bridge is an upgrade accessory to the BLI 28000 PowerCost Monitor (sold separately) that receives the sensor data. Better information = better decisions = reduced energy usage = cleaner environment – It’s that simple! Independent Research shows that on average, homes with access to real time energy data reduce usage by 9%. Homes with electric heat and hot water experience even greater reductions, 14% and 17%. The PowerCost Series system is a wireless energy monitoring solution. The system consists of a series of parts. The patented optical sensor unit available as part of the BLI 28000 PowerCost Monitor Product (sold separately) gathers electricity usage information from your meter and sends it to a compatible receiving device, such as this WiFi Bridge accessory. Uploading to EnergyCloud enables you to track your usage over time and see trends. You can subscribe to one or more of our analytics cloud application partners to get a deeper analysis of your electricity usage patterns. EnergyCloud provides on-demand secure access from anywhere on the web including from your mobile devices. All of our CloudConnector devices such as this device and our EnergyCloud application utilize the same level of encryption as your bank so your data is very secure. All PowerCost Series products are designed to be self-installed. No connection to your home wiring or professional installation is required. You can be up and running in less than 30 minutes. Wireless operating range of 425 feet / 125 metres

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