KNIPEX 86 03 300 SBA Pliers Wrench

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KNIPEX 86 03 300 SBA Pliers Wrench Description

Product description Replaces a full set of inch and metric open end wrenches. Smooth jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings – working directly on chrome. Excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending applications. Zero backlash jaw surface pressure prevents damage to edges of sensitive components. Adjustment at the touch of a button directly on the workpiece and equipped with parallel jaws that allow infinitely variable gripping of all widths to the specified maximum size. Self-ratcheting action (view larger).A one-of-a-kind tool with unlimited possibilities, the patented, easy-to-use Knipex pliers wrench is a fantastic tool for fastening, gripping, holding, and bending. Its slim profile allows easy access to confined spaces, making it one of the most versatile tools in your toolbox. This model (86 03 300) has a 12-inch length and a 2-3/8-inch opening capacity. It features a time-saving push button adjustment with 22 adjustment settings and infinite positions for quickly locking onto a variety of workpieces. Its parallel smooth jaws avoid damaging soft or plated materials and provide even, full-contact gripping of a wide range of sizes. It’s a great tool for tightening locknuts, exerting pressure to activate the adhesive power of contact adhesives, edge breaking in tile work, snapping cable ties, and utilization as a small vice.Unlike an open-end wrench with uneven compression that can cause surface damage, this Knipex pliers wrench offers zero backlash under pressure. With a 10-to-1 lever ratio, the cam action design ensures a strong, secure grip without hand or wrist strain. The self-ratcheting action allows for fast, easy operation while eliminating the need for additional tools. The Knipex pliers wrench is available in a number of grips and sizes for a variety of applications.Excellent for gripping, holding, pressing, and bending applications (view larger).Quality in Every DetailSometimes we give our pliers a really hard time. We try to destroy them to find out what makes them good and long-lasting. Because we don’t want to leave anything to chance, we take a long, careful look. The steel Knipex uses is precisely hardened with a maximum of 0.8 percent carbon and defined parts of chromium and vanadium, guaranteeing optimum cutting performance and service life — even though it requires special production and costs a bit more. But our high product demands require this.The rivet of our high-leverage diagonal cutter also has to stand up to a lot of stress. That’s why we literally give it backup: we forge it straight onto the pliers. This means extra effort as we have to precision mill the rivet to a few hundredth millimeters. But satisfied users are worth this effort.Knipex also looks closely at the small details. The angles, the sharpness, the hardness, the toughness of the cutting edges. The precision and smooth movement of the joint. The handle design and the finish. We keep reviewing these subjects, we research, we test, and we improve our pliers.About KnipexHeadquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, Knipex is an independently-owned family enterprise steeped in tradition and specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality pliers. It all started back in 1882 when C. Gustav Putsch set up his own forge shop in Cronenberg (now a suburb of Wuppertal), and the company is now run by a fourth generation of that family. The world’s leading brand in pliers today, Knipex is focused on the performance, service life, and ergonomics of its tools in order to meet the high expectations of professional users. 86 03 300 Pliers Wrench, 12-InchAt a GlanceSlim profile design head fits into tight placesSmooth, parallel gripping jaws for work on sensitive surfacesAdjustment at the touch of a button, and stays fixed for repetitive workInfinitely variable adjustment of widths across flats for metric and inch workpiecesCam drive increases force to up to 10 times the applied hand powerChrome vanadium electric steel, forged and oil hardenedSee larger image.SpecificationsJaw capacity: 2-3/8 inchesAdjustment positions: 22Length: 12 inchesWeight: 25.7 ouncesHandles: Plastic coated See all Product description

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